Stop four: Bristol. Over 900 visitors came to see the show in this city of unique edge and diversity. It’s inherently creative vibe was the perfect match for the show’s themes.

Also a great match were our hosts, Trinity Community Arts , the popular community arts hub that was VG:R’s landing spot for it’s four-week run. Huge thanks to Rhiannon, Edison, Rob Mackay, Tom and the team!

‘This series really resonates with me and gives me hope for my own future as a woman’
Emily, Exhibition Visitor

‘Definitely one of the of the most popular shows we have ever hosted’
Rhiannon, Programme manager, Trinity Community Arts

VG:R Bristol - Your Shot!

We had an extraordinary number of young female photographers at the Bristol VG:R show. To celebrate this and the city’s own unique subcultural roots, we asked native Bristolian photographers to send in their own take on Bristol’s Visible Girls and Boys.


‘…to all the young women and wise women, thank you for sharing your journeys so far…’

‘A testament to female connectedness in the early ‘80s’

‘A striking and emotional walk through modern female history’

‘A powerful display of images’

What Squasher did next…

The Bristol stop also hosted a special guest: Squasher (AKA Sue Lenham), one half of the ‘Royalty Toilets Rockabillies’ in the original Visible Girls series. Sue, a Bristolian resident of 15 years took part in an In Conversation With evening session, entertaining the audience with her 1980s’ anecdotes of blokes and beer, hanging with Hell’s Angels, friends as true family and how subcultures create safety. Huge gratitude to Sue for her frankness, charisma and heart – a Visible Girl still keeping it real!

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